Understand what the sales process automation can do for your company

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    More trust: by reducing human failures such as lack of attention or tiredness, the automation provides more security to your team and customers.

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    More efficiency: with the support of a fast and functional system, your team becomes more productive.

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    Less costs: with the sales processes automation, your team becomes more agile and you reduce the common costs of the daily routine.


Landix Flex

Landix Flex is our multiplatform sales automation software, which can be integrated to any business management system.

This system will provide to your business more agility to the processes, increasing the productivity and the organization of your vendors.

Besides gaining time, you can also reduce human failures and operational costs.

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Custom Projects


Landix Customized Projects are solutions developed with co-creation and direct partnership with the company. Get to know our services better.


Solutions for companies of all sizes.

Small Companies

Small Companies

From 1 to 99 Employees

"We have worked with Landix since 2012 and we have noticed that the significance given to the customer service is their big differential in the market. Landix provides to our company something that we always thought to be impossible for sales force systems: solutions in the sales area with a very high level of product quality and support, in relation to their competition in the market."

Marcelo Gomes Petroleum Lubrificantes - Administrative Supervisor
Medium-sized Companies

Medium-sized Companies

From 99 to 999 Employees

"From the use of the system, we gained agility and reliability to the information, besides safety in the processes."

Sérgio Spini Start Química - Commercial Director
Big Companies

Big Companies

1000+ Employees

"Landix has been a partner of the Coca-Cola System since 1998, in the development of solutions that help our sales force to sell more. I'd like to enhance not only the quality of the commercial tools developed and delivered through these years, but specially the way that the work is developed: always listening to the needs of our Manufacturers System and delivering solutions that overcome our expectations in terms of quality, terms and cost."

Antonio Viveiros Coca-Cola Brasil - Commercial Capabilities Director

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