Get to know Landix's differentials

We believe that good softwares are those that effectively simplify people's lives. We work restlessly to use high-end technology to create softwares that are well designed, easy to use, intuitive, clean, beautiful and user-friendly. We keep and value a team that is highly qualified, engaged, permanent and moved by challenges. 

We are also very concerned with our post-sales operations because we know for sure that unexpected problems happen. We are uncompromising in regard to high quality of our support services, since we have sure that listening to our customers is serve them, and it requires agility, reliability, safety and a lot, a lot of empathy.

If it hurts on our customer, it hurts on Landix!

Custom Support

Our service differentials

  • Close relationship between the customer and Landix;
  • Total transparency in actions;
  • Cordiality;
  • Control and follow up in the execution of requests;
  • Statistical information on the performance of the requested service;
  • Action standardization, with bureaucracy in the right measure;
  • Readiness and helpfulness are nonnegotiable attitudes;
  • Clear and precise orientations;
  • A well-operating customer, no matter what;
  • Service History.

Our solutions are available for companies with small teams to big corporations, distributed in any place that has internet access. Would you like a presentation to get to know our service central and our other services better? Leave your phone or e-mail and we will contact you soon.

LMMS - Proper Communication Protocol

Landix Middleware Mobile Service (LMMS) is our own communication service that has been created to guarantee maximum safety for the customers, avoiding that files get corrupted, duplicated or accessed by strangers.

Get to know the advantages of our communication service:

Less development time, because the solution is ready to use;
It is a Windows service, which means it does not depend on human interaction to work;
It runs in low profile machines, which means it does not need big servers;
All the information transmitted is compacted in up to 86%, decreasing the demand for data packages with the mobile phone operators;
The data is encrypted and mechanisms verify the integrity of the package transmitted, avoiding information loss;
It can be used in different networks and operational systems.