Get to know a little of Landix

Our history

Landix was founded in 2000 in Uberlândia-MG, entering the market to provide software for corporative mobility with modern technology. Since our mission is to use the technology to simplify the lives of people, we mainly focus on delivering services with the best treatment and in the most assertive way.

With solid expertise in data communication and systems integration, Landix offer cutting-edge technology and solutions that can multiply their customer's businesses, ensuring the integrity and coherence of the information processed through the legated mobile devices and systems.

Where do we operate?

Nowadays, we are funded in the national market and we attend many corporations of big, medium and small sizes, in different segments. We operate in almost all Brazilian states and in more than 70 cities.

Our Values

People are the base for technology:
people are the ones that make technology so that other people may have more welfare. That's why we strive to create useful applications that bring benefits to people.

Synergy is the reason for teams:
when we put people together to produce in a team, we hope that the team result will be bigger than the sum of the individual results.

Respect to the Environment:
the natural resources are scarce and the human needs are unlimited. The concern with the environmental deterioration must be constant in our daily routine.

Integrity and transparency in actions:
our actions must be guided by integrity and transparency, because this is the only way we can be worthy our achievements.

Focus on the market:
we exist to answer the needs of the customers

Prosperity shared with all:
in a value chain, everybody has the right and the duty to win. When everybody wins, prosperity is shared with all.

Excellence is our orientation:
reaching goals is gratifying. When we do that in the best way it's extraordinary. Improving continuously is the secret to reach excellence.

Change to perpetuate:
we are in an accelerated world, where things change constantly. We are attentive to changes, because we believe that the best opportunities happen when there are changes. Changing through innovation is the key for other generations to enjoy our success.