Landix SFV

Landix SFV is the exclusive sales automation software to you if you already have a Sankhya or Jiva ERP in your business.

We aligned our best solution in sales force automation to the scope of Sankhya or Jiva ERP to favor your system and make it more complete with solutions for smartphones, robust devices, notebooks, tablets and desktops with Windows or Android operational systems.

Get to know some of the many benefits of Landix SFV:

  • Reduction of operational expenses
  • Stock control
  • Standardization of discounts among vendors
  • Automatic sales reports
  • Exchange of multimedia files
  • Exclusive direct sale module
  • Reduction of human errors
  • Survey module

With your sales force transmitting orders anytime and from anywhere, Landix SFV optimizes the time of your sales force and the profitability of your business.

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Landix SFV was made in integration to Sankhya and Jiva ERPs. This means you can join the sales force automation tool (AFV) and your system will be a lot more complete, creating an even bigger differential for your sales and production line.

Landix SFV also has the direct sale module. An exclusive module that enables your company to sell, invoice and deliver at once and in a direct way. Your sales process can be faster and easier to your customers.

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Complete Integration with ERPs

A Multiplatform Software

Because it is a multiplatform software, Landix SFV guarantees a lot more flexibility to your company and an extremely pleasurable navigation experience to the users, through its friendly interface. The software is compatible with Android and Windows operational systems, and can be accessed by smartphones, tablets, notebooks, desktops and robust devices.

Which one of them works better in your sales process?

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