What our people say


How everything began

Landix was founded in 2000, in the city of Uberlândia – Minas Gerais, entering in the marketing to offer corporative mobility software with modern methodology. Being its mission to using the technology to simplify people´s life, delivery services with the better customer service and more assertively is the biggest focus of the company.

With strong experience in data communication and systems integrations, Landix offer cutting-edge technology and solutions that can multiply its customers business, ensuring the integrity and coherency of processed information between mobile devices and legacy systems.


What moves us daily

Human beings are the base of the technology

People are who make the technology so that other people have more well-being. Because of it we are efforted to create useful applications that brings benefits for everybody.

Synergy is the reason of the teams

When we put the people together to develop as a team we expected the results of the team can be greater than the sum of individual results.

Integrity and transparency on our actions

Our actions should be guided by integrity and transparency, for only then can we be worthy of our achivements.

Focus on the Market

We exist to meet our customers' opportunities and needs, even if  solution do not exists yet.

Prosperity shared by all

In one value chain everyone has the right of earn. When everyone gains, prosperity is shared and expanded.

The excellence is our orientation.

Reach the goals is gratifying. When we do it in the best way is extraordinary. Continuous improvement is the secret to achieve the excellence.

Change to perpetuate

We are in a fast-paced world, where the things change constantly. Being resilient, innovating and adapting to the environment is a factor of success and sustainability.

There is no absolute truth

Curiosity and constant search for new knowledge in an environment open to discussion, creating the conditions to learn, innovate and seek new truths.

Respect for diversity

Everyone is welcome.

Respect for the environment

The environmental resources are scarce, and the human needs are limitless. The concern of the environment degradation must be constant in our daily lives.


Use technology to simplify people's lives by serving with passion and commitment


To realize the future, being recognized internationally for excellence in the construction of integral and valuable technological solutions.


We value who is with us

We offer fresh fruits as snack, milk, coffee, toasty roasted bread in the breakfast. We encourage the quality of life and citizenship rewarding the good deeds. Every blood donation and warm coat worth coins. These coins can be exchanged into day off or a gift cards, among others.

Our health plan is paid 100% by Landix, it is Unimed with apartment covering.  The dental plan has a symbolic cost and is from Uniodonto.

We support all employees to seek knowledge. All our employees are graduates or are attending to university. We encourage them to continuity of this training and new knowledge in their lives. We provide our physical space for those who are interested in learning a new language and, we contribute with 50% of the cost of the course. For those who love reading, we have a small library inside the company.

Many feels like Landix is an extension of their home and we also have them as members or our family. We believe that we do not have to live to work but work to live and therefore our benefits package includes 6 months of leave maternity and 20 days of paternity leave. This is a benefit that we do not give up.

We know that we still have a long path ahead to go, but we already have actions to encourage the conscious consumption and discarding. We have selective collection waste cans, we use water from reuse in cleaning floors, recycle materials and donate some to the schools for transformations, in addition, the new headquarters will be represented several initiatives of conscious consumption and discarding.  

All employees are life ensured by the company

Almost every month we choose an especial day to network with our colleagues from other areas of the company, with a good music one cold beer at happy Hour. We also have the “Coffee with the CEO”, some time to time our Executive meets with the team for an informal chat outside of the company or in the meeting room. And we cannot forget our Nerd Calendar, we separate the main geek days and celebrate. May the 4th be with you!

Our food compensations are above the average market.

We believe that the good results come from the dedication of each one, so nothing more fare that share our results with those who contributed to makes us get here.

Here nobody escapes from a tight hug, a happy birthday song and a gift card.  

We value those who build a career in Landix. Who completes 5, 10, 15 and 20 years in the company, besides having a recognition in its internal ID still counts with a Big prize.

We are collaborative, and we value the participation of all, for example, our structure is horizontal, everyone communicates with everyone. Starting from this principle we have programs that incentive the innovation, if someone ideas are put into practice and it generates profit or cost reduces, you will be rewarded.


Support for the development of Uberlândia

We are from Uberlândia, we live and breathe the city, so, nothing fairer than participate actively in local transformation. We support, contribute and are part of organizations that promote Uberlândia growth.  We believe that if Uberlândia grows we grow together.

Initiatives that we are part of