Simplify and streamline your
company's sales management.

Landix SFV is a sales automation software created to bring more productivity to the sales team of your company, cost reduction with manual activities, in addition to convenience, speed and simplicity in the entire sales process.

The multi-platform software is exclusive to you that already has a Sankhya or Jiva ERP in your business. Landix SFV ensures your business much more flexibility and an extremely pleasant browsing experience for the users through its friendly interface.

With your sales force transmitting orders anytime and anywhere, Landix SFV optimizes your sales team’s time and the profitability of your business.


Here are some of the many advantages of using Landix SFV

Reduction of operating expenses

Company Inventory access

Automatic sales reports

Standardization of discounts among vendors

Reduction of human errors

Survey module


Meets several commercial policies from several segments


Full integrations with ERPs:

Landix SFV was made integrated with Sankya and Jiva ERP. This means that you can use the sales force automation tool and that your system will be much more complete, creating an even greater differential for your production line and sales.

Landix SFV also has a module for direct sales. An exclusive module that allows your business to sell, bill and deliver at once and directly. Your sales process can be faster and easier for your customers.

Schedule a presentation and discover the many compatibilities between Landix SFV and your business.